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Microeconomics I

Class at Faculty of Social Sciences |


1. Consumers’ Theory (A. Shaked)  

ü  Consumer’s Preference and Choice

ü  Collective Choice

ü  Revealed Preference

ü  Consumer’s Surplus and Aggregated Demand

ü  Intertemporal Choice

ü  Uncertainty and risk 2. Production (K. Žigić)  

ü  Properties of Production Set

ü  Production Function

ü  Basics of Input-Output Analysis

ü  Elasticity of Substitution

ü  Profit Function and Its Properties

ü  Cost Function and Its Properties   3. Markets  

ü  Competitive Markets (K. Žigić)

ü  Public Goods

ü  Externalities

ü  Exchange, Matching, Edgeworth Box (A. Shaked)

ü  General Equilibrium  

If time permits: (A. Shaked)  

Discriminating Monopolist

Behavioral Economics