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Specialised German I

Class at Faculty of Social Sciences |


Planed topics:

-   Ereignisse des Jahres

-   Aktuelle Probleme der Bildung und Ausbildung

-   Politisches System und aktuelles Geschehen in Österreich

-   Umwelt

The change of topics or other topics depend on students interests.  

Grammar B2-C1

- Präpositionen (vor allem mit Genitiv)

- Rektion der Verben

- Konjunktiv II.


Level B2/C1.

The course is designed for BA and MA students. The objective of the course is to expand students´ vocabulary necessary for understanding academic texts related to the above mentioned disciplines.

Emphasis is also put on the revision of grammatical structures and the ability of students to express their ideas in cultivated German, both oral and written.