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Chapters from the history of Benelux

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Course title: Chapters from the history of Benelux Lecturer: Doc. Ing. Petr Drulák, Ph.D. Teaching: 2/0 Zk Entry conditions: 0 Oral exam Program:

1. Introduction

2. Low countries in the Middle Ages

3. Burgundian monarchy from a political perspective

4. Cultural legacy of the Burgundian monarchy

5. Dutch revolution

6. The Dutch Golden Century

7. Spanish and Austrian Netherlands in the 17th and 18th century

8. French revolution and its effects in Low Countries

9. Unity and split

10. Belgium, the Netherlands and Luxembourg in the second half of the 19th century

11. World War I

12. Interbellum

13. World War II


The course analyses key historical events, periods and developments which shaped the region of Low Countries. Instead of providing a complete hisotrical narrative it focuses on a few issues which are central from contemporary perspective.

It stars with Batavian uprisals against the Roman empire and concludes with the World War II. It also addresses the Burgundian monarchy, Dutch revolution, colonial expansion, Belgian revolution and World War I.