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Theory of international relations I

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Theory of international relations I Teacher: Doc. Petr Drulák Exam: Exam is oral. Students are required to read one of the general books and one of the recommended books. Course structure: The course introduces students into the tradition of international thinking presenting several of its most important streams. It starts with the evolution of the discipline of IR illustrated by its great debates. Following this, ontological and epistemological problems in IR research are examined. Finally, the course addressed realist, postmodern and constructivist approaches to the study of IR. The remaining approaches, such as liberalism, scientism or marxism, are taught in the course Theory of international relations II (which is however in Czech only).

1. The discipline of international relations

2. Great debates

3. Ontological and epistemological issues

4. Realism

5. Postmodern approaches

6. Constructivism Literature: General: Burchill, Scott et al. (2005) Theories of International Relations, London: Palgrave. Drulák Petr (2003) Teorie mezinárodních vztahů, Praha: Portál. Recommended (major contributions to IR theory): Allison Graham T., Zelikow Philip D., Essence of Decision: Explaining the Cuban Missile Crisis, London 1999 Baldwin, David, A., ed. (1993) Neorealism and Neoliberalism: The Contemporary Debate. New York: Columbia University Press. Bull Hedley, The Anarchical Society. A Study of Order in World Politics, London 1991 (KMV) Campbell, David (1992) Writing Security: United States foreign policy and the politics of identity. Manchester: Manchester University Press Carr, Edwar H. (1938/1990) The Twenty Year's Crisis. London: Macmillan Der Derian, James, ed. (1995) International Theory: Critical Investigations. New York: New York University Press. Der Derian, James a Shapiro, Michael J., eds (1989) International/Intertextual Relations. Postmodern Readings of World Politics. New York: Lexington Books. Gilpin, Robert (1981) War and Change in World Politics. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press Hollis Martin, Smith Steve, Teorie mezinárodních vztahů. Interpretace a porozumění, Brno 2000 Morgenthau, Hans (1948/1980) Politics Among Nations: The Struggle for Power and Peace. New York: Knopf Nicholson, Michael (1992) Rationality and the analysis of international conflict. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press Onuf, Nicholas G. (1989) World of Our Making: Rules and Rule in Social Theory and International Relations. Columbia: University of South Carolina Press Ó Tuathail, Gearóid (1996) Critical Geopolitics. Minneapolis: University of Minnesota Press Walker, R.B.J. (1993) Inside/Outside: International Relations as Political Theory. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press Walt, Stephen (1987) The Origins of Alliances. Ithaca: Cornell University Press Waltz Kenneth N., Theory of Intenational Politics, New York 1979 Wendt, Alexander (1999) Social Theory of International Politics. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press.