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Introduction to International Political Economy

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Mandatory and recommended readings are available in the Moodle system, "Introduction to International Political Economy",, you have to enroll with your SIS login.

1. Introduction to the course

2. Post-war institutional system

3. International Monetary System

4.  International Trade System

5. International Organizations

6.  Regional Trade Agreements

7. Global Finance Network

8. Multinational corporations

9.  Economic development and poverty

10. Deglobalization and weaponised interdependence

11. US-China DeRisking - guest lecture

12. IPE of Climate Change - online


A rapidly changing global economic and political system is a reality that our society is embedded in. The students of international area studies should understand the processes of globalization. The economic interests and political power of the actors that constitute the international system - sovereign national governments, multinational corporations, financial institutions, international organizations - are crucial components to be examined in this course. After first introductory classes focusing on conceptual and empirical foundations of the current trade, monetary and financial systems, lectures and discussions will follow up on economic, political, and social issues raised by deepening globalization - its impact on inequality, poverty, environment, resources, and food. The course heavily focuses on analyzing current debates. We do not advise taking this course as a first-year student.

Lecturer: Magdalena Firtova


Classes: Thursday 9:30 – 10:50

Room: B322, Jinonice Campus

Office Hours: Tuesdays 11:00 – 12:15, Thursdays 11-12:15, Room C418, or via Zoom. Please book your time slot by email. Zoom link for office hours:

Moodle page of this course: Introduction to International Political Economy",