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Political Systems of East Central European Countries

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Course programme:1) Syllabus reading

2) Czechoslovaskia (20th Century I.)

3) Czechoslovakia (20th Century II.)

4) Czechoslovaskia (20th Century III.)

5) Czech Republic (after 1993 and today)

6) Slovakia (after 1993 abd today)

7) Poland (20th Century)

8) Poland (20th Century)

9) Poland (after 1989 and today)

10) Hungary (20th Century)

11) Hungary (20th Century)

12) Hungary (after 1989 and today)


This course is an introduction to the modern politics and government of Central and Eastern Europe in the 20th century and after the fall of communism in 1989. You will not only learn about the most important and contemporary political events, but you will also learn to apply basic concepts of comparative politics to Central and East European political practice.