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Economic Transformation in East Central and Southeastern Europe

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*  Topics covered by the course:

1. Commonalities and specifics of Central and South East European economies in the period until the end of WWII

2. Basic features of centrally planned economies and socialist integration

3. Economic transformation process: the Washington consensus

4. Case studies: specifics of economic transformation of individual countries5. Economic integration in the region and its relevance to the EU accession process6. Current issues in economic development of Central and South East European countries

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The course deals with issues of economic transformation in Central and South East European countries after the end of the communist regimes. It builds on an overview of historical and political context, and by case studies it details key problems of economic development of the CSEE countries in the 1990s.

It summarizes the commonalities and specifics of different countries in the region. Attention is paid to current economic situation of the countries in focus as well.