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Doing Business in Central Europe

Class at Faculty of Social Sciences |



1. The CEE Region in Historical Context

2. Banking and Capital Markets in CEE

3. The CEE Retail Market

4. Utilities and Energy Markets

5. Marketing in CEE

6. Mid Term Exam (modified due to COVID-19 measures)

7. The CEE Real Estate Market

8. Transportation and Infrastructure in CEE

9. Public Relations and the Media Landscape in CEE

10. Human Resources Management in CEE

11. Travel and Tourism in CEE

12. Presentations

13. Final Exam (modified due to COVID-19 measures)


The course analyzes investment opportunities, the legal and economic environment in Central and Eastern Europe. Students will learn about the business networks operating in this fast developing environment. There will be a special emphasis on the re-integration of the economies of the region into the global economy.

The course will analyze the region in terms of sectors (Banking/Capital Markets, Retail, Utilities, Real Estate…) and will also feature guest speakers (practitioners) from different business areas.