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Fundamentals of Law and Professional Ethics I

Class at Hussite Theological Faculty |


The course focuses on the basics of professional ethics for social educators, teachers, educators, social workers, etc. Literature on professional ethics and basics of law:

Main topics: Ethics as a part of philosophy, origins of ethics, the etymology of ethics, ethics as a practical philosophy (wherein lies its practicality), ethics as a part of political science (Aristotle), the relationship between ethics and education, morality (definition), moral precepts and maxims in history, the golden rule (negative, positive form), degrees of ethical judgment, deontological and teleological ethics, basic ethical issues, moral development of man, basic concepts of ethics, virtue, integrity (concept of person, humanity, personalistic approach), basic human rights documents, the dignity of the human person, moral autonomy, sources of the idea of human rights, man as imago dei, natural law doctrine.


In the course Fundamentals of Law and Professional Ethics I, students will be introduced to the fundamentals of professional ethics and the context of ethics and law. The course is designed for learners preparing for the helping professions (e.g. educator, teacher, social worker, etc.).

Specifically, the course is designed for students in social pedagogy and is intended to provide basic information on law.