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Examination from German Language

Class at Hussite Theological Faculty |


Syllabus 1) The PhD student selects one of several texts available in Moodle UK. The selected text will be analyzed in the form of a presentation and presentation on one and a half or two A4 standard pages in written form.

He then proves his or her language skills orally. 2) He will receive a professional text in the range of two A4 pages directly at the exam and prepare a short presentation and explanation of this professional text within 30 - 40 minutes. 3) The last part of the exam is to read and understand the old German text written by the curator (Kurrentschrift).


In an individual study plan, this obligation is imposed once per standard length of study and is usually planned to be completed by and including the third year of study. Fulfillment of the obligation is confirmed by an exam with the result passed by the examiner. The course confirms the active knowledge of one world language (English or

German) at least at the C1 level. Students must be able to present research results in writing and orally. Reading professional texts related to the topic of the dissertation, processing of annotations of specialized literature on the topic of the dissertation.