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Examination from the Jewish Studies II

Class at Hussite Theological Faculty |


Further requirements for the student:

The student is obliged to submit a list of studied and source literature for the exam.


Mgr. David Biernot, Th.D.

ThDr. Markéta Holubová, Th.D. doc. PhDr. Bedřich Nosek, CSc.


Topic of Judaism II. aims to deepen the dissemination of knowledge concerning Judaism as a religious system. In accordance with this specialization, the PhD student is obliged to acquaint himself in the original version with selected texts of rabbinic Judaism from the oldest to the present treatises of important representatives of this direction.

The doctoral student studies the topics independently on the basis of individual guidance and instructions of the supervisor and possibly other professional consultants. As a rule, a lecture cycle is offered once a academic year.

The exam will cover the verification of the knowledge gained from the specified topics. In an individual study plan, this obligation is imposed once per standard length of study and is usually planned to be completed by and including the third year of study.

Fulfillment of the obligation is confirmed by an exam with the result passed by the examiner.