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Structure and Properties of Biopolymers

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Please note, the lectures are given in Czech language only.

The lecture will be recorded by the teacher (sound + projected image). These materials will be accessible online.TOPICS:Structure and properties of DNA, RNA and their subunitsConformational polymorphism, sequence polymorphism, structural anomalies and DNA topologyElectron microscopy of nucleic acidsDenaturation and reassociation analysis of nucleic acids, reassociation probes and matrices (microarrays)Structure and properties of proteins and their subunitsDetermination of molar mass of protein moleculesProtein mass spectrometryOverview of separation and purification techniquesSedimentation analysis of biopolymers, moving interface method, differential, isokinetic and isopycnic centrifugationElectrophoretic analysis and separation of biopolymers including pulse electrophoresisChromatographyDetermination of concentration of information biopolymers (spectrophotometry, fluorimetry and colorimetry)DNA, RNA and protein sequencing

Details of quantitative polymerase chain reaction (Real-time PCR or qPCR)Determination of structure and interactions of DNA, RNA and proteins (basics of MS, NMR, X-ray diffraction)Methods of monitoring gene expression, resp. representation of various RNAs or proteins in biological objectsMuch of the practical exercises use PyMOL. It is advisable to carry your own notebook with you (the teacher announces in advance when it is needed).


The lecture (in Czech) is focused

(a) on description of molecular structures of biopolymers (proteins and nucleic acids) and their subunits, including conformational polymorphism, polymorphism of sequences, special structures and topology of nucleic acids,

(b) properties of biopolymers, which are important for their function, determination of their concentration, isolation, separation, sequencing, denaturation, reassociation, degradation, modification and analysis and

(c) basic methods exploited for separation and analysis of biopolymers especially those which are important in connection with genetic engineering - techniques.

The lecture is an extension of the lecture "Molecular biology" and complementary to "Genetic engineering". Moodle and PyMOL tools are used during the course. If the lessons take place online, the Zoom system will be used (the link will be sent to enrolled students by e-mail).