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Genomics - Approaches and Algorithms

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MicroarraysSequencing technologiesQCResources - databases & large projectsMappingAssemblyVariant callingCNV callingPhasing/ImputationRNA-seq, single-cell analysesChIP-seqStructural variationMetagenomicsData integration, visualization  

The 3-day practical part is focused on analyzing NGS data.


The course introduces methods and technologies of NGS sequencing of DNA, and analyses of genomic data. Key relevant algorithms will also be explained. Experiment design, and both the wet-lab and computational parts of the analysis are covered in detail for selected common methods (RNA-seq, ChIP-seq, genome sequencing, variant calling etc.).

During the practical part, students get hands-on experience with sequencing data and typical analysis workflows. For the practical sessions, students are required to possess basic knowledge of working in linux and on the command line (if needed, you can learn the prerequisites yourself during the semester, as the practical part only takes place during the exam term).

The course is primarily intended for Bioinformatics students. We recommend that Biology students attend the Methods in Genomics (MB151P129) course instead.

The course is taught with the support of the project ESF pro VŠ II na UK, Reg. num.: CZ.02.2.69/0.0/0.0/18_056/0013322