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Specialized invertebrate zoology

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1. Animal phylogeny (Tomáš Pánek)2. Non-bilaterian phyla, introduction to Bilateria (Tomáš Pánek)3. Deuterostomia, introduction to Spiralia (Ondřej Korábek)4. Spiralia (Ondřej Korábek)5. Annelida, Mollusca (Ondřej Korábek)6. Ecdysozoa, introduction to Arthropoda (František Šťáhlavský)7. Mandibulata (František Šťáhlavský)8. Chelicerata (Věra Opatová)9. Reproduction, life histories, movement (Ondřej Korábek)10. Digestion, excretion, respiration (Věra Opatová)11. Multicellularity, body plans, animal genomics (Tomáš Pánek)


The course is given in English. It provides an overview of all invertebrate phyla, their basic characteristics and phylogenetic relationships.

The course focuses on morphology, ecology, systematics and evolution of non-parasitic Porifera, Cnidaria, Platyhelmintes, Arthropoda (except Hexapoda), Ectoprocta, Annelida and Mollusca. The lecture is complemented by practical lab sessions focused on morphology and anatomy of selected above-mentioned groups.