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Basic terminology (sympatry, alopatry, parapatry, peripatry, syntopic, alotopic, septentrionalis / borealis, meridionalis / autralis, orientalis, occidentalis). - Regional zoogeography. - Historical zoogeography. - Dynamic / ecological zoogeography. - Vikariant zoogeography. - Anthropic zoogeography. - Island zoogeography. - Zoogeographical composition of the fauna of Central Europe. - Various approaches to the mapping of animal distribution (grid maps).

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Please note, the lectures are given in czech language only. Fundamentals of zoogeography: Regional zoogeography - Historical zoogeography - Dynamic zoogeography - Island zoogeography - Factors affecting the animal distribution - Continental drift - Mothods of the grid mapping of the animal distribution - Zoogeographical composition of the Central-European fauna. The lecture is intended for students in any field of zoology. Examination is oral.


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