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Chemical Calculations

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1. Quantities and unitsMajor and minor quantities, constants, calculations with the approximate numbers.

2. Composition of mixturesRelative amount of components, molar and mass fractions, units.

3. Mass balance in solutionsPreparation of solutions (calculations), dilution and mixing of the solutions.

4. Mass balance in chemical reactionsStoichiometric calculations.

5. Protonation equilibriumpH , strong and teak acids and bases, buffers.

6. Instrumental determination of concentrationLambert-Beer law, calibration curve.

7. Saturated solutions and crystallizationCompositions of the saturated solutions, free and interrupted crystallization, solubility product.

8. Biochemical calculationDifferences in calculations in biochemical systems.


The course for bachelor students of chemistry, biology and geology.

The course is aimed at repeating and consolidation of basic knowledge of students that constitute the base for the individual work in chemikal laboratories. The students will solve the balance problems in compounds, mixtures and solutions and carry out the chemical calculations on the base of chemical equations.