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Applied biochemistry

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A. Dairy products 1. Milk processing (milk, cream, butter) 2. Fermentation (yogurt, acidophilic milk, kefir) 3. Cheese production B. Alcohol beverages 1. Beer: history, laws, technology, beer sort 2. Wine: history, laws, sorts, regions, technology 3. Spirits C. Production of organic compounds and proteins 1. Citric acid, vinegar, amino acids, vitamins etc. 2. Proteins & enzymes D. Other technologies 1. Bioremediation, sewage plant 2. Special technologies E. Genetically modified organisms 1. Metodology of transgenesis 2. Biotechnology of GMO food F. Pharmacologically active compounds (plant, fungi, bacteria)  

G. Products plant origin 1. Tee, coffee, cacao 2. Sugar, cereal & confectionery H. Food preservation 1. Meat-packing industry  

I. Biochemistry of Nutrition and Food


During the one semester course principles of food and biotechnology manufacture productions based on the use of wild and manipulated microorganisms will be presented. Then, the lecture will be focused on technology of the most important fermentation industrial productions e.g. fermented dairy products (cheese, yogurt) and alcoholic beverages (wine, beer), chemicals (ethanol, organic acids, amino acids), and pharmaceuticals (antibiotics). In addition, examples of special productions and applications e.g. enzyme biotechnology, bioremediation, mutagenicity testing, transgenic organisms, tea, and herb extracts, will be mentioned.

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