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Physics (for chemistry teachers)

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1. Mechanics Kinematics - description of motion. Dynamics of point mass - force, Newton´s laws, equation of motion, inertial and non-inertial systems, work and energy, gravitational force, friction force, harmonic oscillator. Rigid body - kinematics, force momentum, impulse theorems, center of mass, moment of inertia, rotation of a rigid body. Continuum - stress, strain, elasticity, Hook´s law. Mechanics of fluids - ideal liquid, hydrostatic pressure, Pascal´s law, fluid flow, continuity equation, viscosity. Acoustics - wave, standing waves, Huygens´ principle.

2. Thermics and molecular physics Temperature, heat, heat propagation, calorimetry, internal energy, entropy, thermodynamics laws, phase transformations in single- and two-phase systems, thermal conductivity, diffusion.

3. Electricity and magnetism Electric charge, electrostatic field, electric current, electric resistance, magnetic effects of steady state current, magnetic induction, magnetic properties of solids, electromagnetic waves.

4. Optics Geometrical optics, reflection, refraction, wave properties of light, interference effects, polarisation.

5. Atomistics Bohr´s model of hydrogen atom, fundamentals of quantum mechanics.



Basic principles of classical mechanics, thermics and molecular physics, electricity and magnetism, geometrical and wave optics, and fundamentals of matter building. The course is scheduled for students of the Faculty of Science of Charles University.