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Laboratory Safety for Chemistry Students

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1) Handling with chemical substances and mixtures + treatment and use of chemical substances in the school laboratory - Public Health Act, Chemical Act, School Act, Labor Code + related decrees + links to trademarks and the Criminal Code - where they meet and do not meet and how to to respond? - it is not a legal point of view (we are not lawyers), but a practical application, the supervision of hygienists - what we must and must not have.

2) Preservation of chemical substances and disposal of chemicals - standard ČSN 01 8003+ common sense

3) Safety and danger of chemicals - MSDS sheet and work with it

4) Treatment of chemical accidents (eg chemicals) in the laboratory + extinguishing

5) Protection, protective aids and first aid in general also in case of exposure to chemicals in the laboratory, general administration of drugs to pupils, etc.

6) Protection of the population and behavior in emergencies (chemical accidents)


The course deals with the discussion of the legislative regulation of pupils' experimental work in school and extracurricular activities and selected regulations that are related to the issue. It also deals with the application of relevant documents in the field of teaching, also with regard to the requirements for teaching and with regard to the implementation of selected experiments.

The course also includes an important practical part, where participants try to work with selected hazardous substances and mixtures, the resistance of selected protective equipment or procedures for liquidation of selected accidents, including extinguishing. Part of the course is also a practical demonstration of the procedure in saving lives and first aid and also in the protection of the population in emergencies.

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