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General guestions of chemistry education

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3rd year, summer chemistry, lec. 30 hours, sem. 30 hours

ECTS credits

Acquirement of the didactics knowledges, how to manage and supervise the process of the general chemistry education during the high school attendance. Is based on the on the aims of the general chemistry education, written in the educational directions and other paedagogical skills, i.e. in the standarts, evaluation criteria of the education, textbooks, school educational experiments, tutorial computer programs. Part of the educational plan is the acquirement of the simplified metodology of the chemistry didactics - the selection and the structuralization of the subject, relationship of the theoretical and empirical cognitive processes, the choice of the problem complexity, the basic of the autoregulation of the subject acquirement and so on.


Raymond Chang : Chemistry,Mc Graw - Hill, New York.fourth Edition, 1991

Čipera Jan : Didaktika obecné chemie, UK, Praha 1990


3rd year, summer chemistry,

The subject education is realized as a three-hour block of lecture and exercise. Every theme is generally characterised during the lecture, and then concretized using tables, graphs, schemes and samples of generally used materials - educational standards and programmes, curricula and chemistry teaching plans, both local and foreign textbooks, various materials and tools for teaching general chemistry. During the exercise, the students have the possibility to work with given materials and tools and to solve set tasks accordingly.

The course takes place in person, in case of impossibility to attend the faculty or the impossibility of full-time teaching, the course will take place in the online environment ZOOM.

It is necessary to log in to the ZOOM platform with a faculty/university e-mail and a faculty/university login!