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Scientific writting and presentation skills

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General introduction (hardware, software, operating systems)

• What does the final thesis in the didactics of chemistry look like - conception and verification of experiments, experimental work in the laboratory, questionnaire surveys, creation of didactic materials, support for teaching

• How to write a bachelor thesis - structure, professional style, instructions

• Working with literature - WoS, ERIC, full texts of articles - on-line, libraries, internet resources, citations

• Citation manager - Zotero, import of citations from the web and cooperation with a text editor

• MS Office - Word: more advanced features (field codes, styles, cross-references, automatic content, language tools, revisions, comparison ...), PDF / A export

• MS Office - Excel: data processing, graphs, calculations ...

• MS Office - PowerPoint: more advanced features, choice of suitable color scheme, font and amount of text, compatibility

• Alternative office software

• Educational and presentation technology - data projectors


The aim of this course is to acquaint students with basic rules and procedures used during the writing of scientific text and using presentation techniques. The aim of the course is to develop students' practical skills to write a scientific text, scientific presentation and work with suitable software tools. Participants will practice the acquired knowledge when working on a PC.

The course takes place in person, in case of impossibility to attend the faculty or the impossibility of full-time teaching, the course will take place in the online environment ZOOM.

It is necessary to log in to the ZOOM platform with a faculty/university e-mail and a faculty/university login!