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Migration of Substances in the Environment

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Health risk substances around us in the natural and anthropogenic environment, their origin and sources, mobilization, immobilization and migration. Food chain and concentration of pollutants in the food pyramid.

Harmful and health impacts of invisible danger. Nutrient cycle.

Contamination of water, soil, sediments and atmospheric pollution by health hazardous substances. Greenhouse gases and climate change.

Phenomenon of acidification of environment. Emissions from energy, emissions from transport and possible measures.

Research methods. The most serious global threats and their origin.

World causes of fatal contamination. Loss of biodiversity.

Population growth as a factor and the main cause of adverse events on the planet.


Risk trace substances around us, their migration, mobilization, immobilization, health and environmental impacts, food chain, mass balance, nutrients, air, water, soil, sediments, research methods, geochemistry of the environment, world causes, REACH and global risks.