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Open Source GIS

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1. Aspects of open source GIS technologies and open spatial data, Open GIS Consorcium, GEO / GEOSS projects, Copernicus, open source codes and open data formats, ISO standards

2. The most important open data sources, evaluation of their quality, Open Street Map, databases CORINE, Urban Atlas…

3. Sources of geoinformation map services, map services in public administration, GEOSS Portal, INSPIRE Portal

4. open remote sensing data, NASA Landsat and MODIS archive, ESA Sentinel mission,

5. Open source software: GRASS / Quantum GIS, ESA Toolbox, LeoWorks: analytical and editing tools, cartographic creation, 3D visualization, data interoperability…

6. Synthesis of the achieved knowledge, evaluation of SW functionality and quality of open data.


The course focuses on open source GIS technologies and spatial data. Students meet with major Open GIS initiatives and technologies. Emphasis is placed on practical introduction to Open Source GIS technologies and the most important open spatial data databases.

The functionality of Open GIS technology and the accuracy of the Open data are important topic in this course.