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Database Systems

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1) Introduction to data modeling -

2) Conceptual modeling of structured data -

3) Logical data models -

4) Relational model - data definition -

5) Relational model - SQL querying -

6) Relational model - selected formal methods -

7) Transactions -

8) Modern (non-relational) database systems -

9) Unstructured data - multimedia -

10) Data file formats -

11) Architectures of database systems


An introductory course presenting a survey of the field. It covers database system architectures and the three levels of database schemata.

Conceptual modelling is based on the ER and UML model. Basic theory of the relational data model is studied (relational algebra, normal forms).

Transactions, parallel DB management. Basic methods for multimedia search.

Summary of data file formats. Modern (non-relational) database systems.