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English Language - examination

Class at Faculty of Mathematics and Physics |


Written and oral examination of general and specialized English for 2nd year Bachelor students.

The exam consists of the written and oral parts.

* The Written Part 1. Listening Comprehension (duration: 20 minutes; 20 points) 2. Written Production (approx. 190 words ±10) (duration: 30 minutes; 15 points) 3. Reading Comprehension (duration: 30 minutes; 35 points) 4. Use of English (duration: 30 minutes; 35 points) 5. Specialized English (duration: 35 minutes; 35 points)

The maximum score is 140 points; the minimum score to pass is 98 points with the assumption that the student has passed the ESP test with at least 21 points.

* The Oral Part

Only students who pass the written part of the examination will be permitted to continue to the oral part.

Presentation and analysis of an authentic professional (technical, scientific) English text from the student's field of study that is to be prepared at home;

(30 standard pages, i.e. 1800 characters per page) - for your oral test you need to bring an original English text (electronic material won't be accepted). Original text should be written in English and not a translation from another language;

Analysis of grammatical, lexical and stylistic features of the authentic text;


Examiners assess fluency and accuracy as well as the quality of the text analysis.


Written and oral examination of general and specialized English recommended to 2nd year Bachelor students.