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Programming 1

Class at Faculty of Mathematics and Physics |


- Variables, types, floating-point numbers and inaccuracy problems..

- Operators and their precedence.

- Assignment, conditional statements and loops..

- Program structure: comments, indentation.

- List / array operations.

- Code decomposition.

- Function definitions and calls, parameter passing.

- Local identifiers and their scope.

- Modularity of programs..

- Passing function as an argument to another function.

- Using libraries, import, graphics output.

- String processing.

- Type system in greater detail.

- Other structured data types.

- Classes and objects. Objects as abstractions of real-world entities.

- Derivation of types, inheritance.

- Linear linked lists.

- Tree data structures.

- Debugging, defensive programming.

- Unit, regression and integration tests.

- Throwing and catching exceptions. Assertions.

Input and output. File processing.


A first course about programming and algorithms for first-year students studying computer science and computer science education. The course covers principles of algorithms, basic algorithms, data structures, programming techniques, typical programming environments and practical program design and debugging.