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Linux Administration

Class at Faculty of Mathematics and Physics |


Specific technologies and tools are selected to reflect current trends, details will be announced on course web page for a given academic year.

- Linux system installation

- virtualization technologies and their use

- storage devices and their management, redundancy

- modern file systems, backup

- management and security of system services

- user authentication, directory services

- network interface and firewall configuration

- routing, IPv6, DNS, private networks

- e-mail and spam protection

- monitoring of services, systems and network


This course is intended to provide the student with an understanding of the fundamental concepts and tools necessary to administer Linux infrastructure for development and testing and for running the core network services.

The course targets the distribution RHEL/CentOS, resp. Fedora. The following topics will be covered: installation and management of core daemons (cron, postfix, nfs, nginx, etc.), configuration of firewalls and NAT. The knowledge of the following topics is expected: Linux at the user level, networks, relevant application protoco