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Writing II

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The seminar focuses on lasting improvement of French students' writing skills and consequently on systematic practising the ability to understand French written texts in their various forms and styles. This discipline leads to the general ability of university-educated individuals to work with the language; to distinguish between shades of meaning determined by the context and form of a written document; to grasp a deeper meaning of texts; to express one's own ideas or opinions in an understandable way and in an appropriate form with regard to the given context.

The seminar focuses on the ability to write down spoken French, on analysis of short texts and their written reproduction, personal and other correspondence. Second stage: analysis of more comlicated texts and their written reproduction, looking for key expressions and sentences, outline of a text, analysis of a topic, practising summarization, drawing up a plan of argumentation, practice of writing following «tailed formal and thematic instructions - writing a summary, finding ideas and arguments for discussion, comparison and contrast, preparation for "commentaire compose".