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Methodology II

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Language competences and linguistic resources, objectives and content. Course content characteristics.

Linguistic and communicative competences. Linguistic resources.

Thematic and operational focus of the course. The role of communicative language competence in modern foreign language teaching methodology (educational and socio-cultural aspects, future perspectives).

Understanding the terms of linguistic, socio-linguistic and pragmatic competences. Ways of presentation, consolidation and codification within different levels of language functioning.

Basic didactic rules for language acquisition. Stages of language learning.

Typology of activities. Classroom teaching and teaching units from the perspective of learner´s strategies and activities as well as the role of a teacher.

Description of methods used in German teaching. Types, structure and organisational forms of foreign language lessons.

Diversification and individualisation of the training sessions, student learning autonomy. Importance of assessment (monitoring, correction, evaluation).

Interpretation of "mistakes" in different methodological approaches.