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Aesthetics of interpretation II.

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The content of the course The Aesthetics of Interpretation , which is prescribed for the students of the department of musical education and choir mastership, is to become acquainted with the development of the interpretation on the background of musical history. Attention is paid to the historical, theoretical and aesthetical aspects and the further aim of knowledge is the characterization of the musical practise in the time of renaissance, baroque, classicism, romanticism and present time.

The musical performance is appreciated and analyzed in harmony with the used disciplines such as intonation, rhythm, dynamics, tempo, agogics, articulation, sense for phrase , homophony and polyphony, colour of the sound, specialities of declaiming and possibilities of musical instruments. On the basis of these parametres the students deal with the comparative interpretation of the same work in different realizations.The questions of authentic interpretation are solved and confronted with modern performances.

The seminar is based on introducing lectures and the students prepare their final seminar projects on the basis of specified literature.