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Didactics of Mathematics I

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Concept creation process

Mechanical knowledge, formal teaching

Diagnosis and reeducation of mechanical knowledge

Constructivist approaches to the teaching of mathematics

Project teaching in mathematics

Phylogeny and ontogeny in the concept creation process

Language of mathematics

The notion of number

Models of fractions

Models of negative numbers

Number axis and rational numbers

Real numbers


Number and variable

Algebraic expressions

Equations and inequalities

Plane geometry

Geometric constructions, measuring

Space geometry

Modelling, mathematising real situations, interdisciplinarity

Data handling

Preparation for the teaching practice


Basic notions of mathematical education: didactic interpretation of mathematical knowledge, concept creation process, mechanical knowledge, constructivism, project teaching. Phylogeny and ontogeny of the concept of number, of the notions from plane and space geometry.

Modelling in mathematics and mathematising of real situations.