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Probability and statistics

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* Probability

- random trial, random event, probability(classical, geometrical), recapitulation of elements of combinatorics

- independence of random events, conditional probability, complete probability theorem, the theorem of Bayes

- random variables and distribution of probability, expected value, variance, other characteristics

- discrete and continuos distributions (alternative, binomial, hypergeometric, geometric, Poisson, uniform, exponential), probability density, distribution function

- random vectors, joint and marginal probability density and distribution function

- independence of random variables, covariance, corellation

- operation with random variables, Law of the great numbers, central limit theorem, normal distribution, distribution chi-square, Student, Fischer

* Statistics

- random sample, parameter estimate, testing hypotheses principle, statistical discrepancy

- basic types of statistic tests (t-test, one-sample, two-sample, corellation coefficient)

- linear regression, method of least squares

- analysis of variance

- contingency table, some other tests (McNemar), Pearson's chi-square test

- non-parametric methods (sign test, Wilcoxon test, Spearmann coefficient)

- descriptive statistics, data processing


Random trial, random event, probability, distribution of probablity, probability density, distribution function. Operations with random variables, Law of great numbers, central limit theorem.

Distribution: normal, chi-square, Student. Testing hypotheses, statistical tests, data processing