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Philosophy of Art

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The aim of the course is to provide students with the fundamental philosophical concepts of aesthetic values (the beauty), art and human creativity. The coursework is focused on reading and interpretation of source texts.

Syllabus: 1.Philosophy of art and its development, pivotal terms, the relation towards aesthetics and the theory of art. 2.Mythos and art, the aspect of the sacred, the role of symbol and symbology. 3.Platonic and neoplatonic ideal of beauty and its influence over art and works of art. 4.Aristotle's conception of poiesis, aesthetical and educational dimension of epos and drama (poetics). 5.Nature of Christian ars. The medieval conception of the world, space and time expressed by means of art. 6.Philosophical basis of Renaissance and Baroque art, the era of the world image. 7.Kant's Critique of Judgement (the issue of taste, aesthetic perception, dual concept of beauty). 8.Hegel's Aesthetics (beauty as an image of the infinite in the definite). 9.Fridrich Nietzsche: art as an expression of the deepest cognisance, freedom and charisma. 10. Art in phenomenological reflection (Heideggers' The Origin of the Work of Art). 11. Hermeneutics of art (Gadamer, Ricoeur). 12. Art and the kitsch art (post-modern conception of art).

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