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Mental Disorders

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* Course Objective:

The aim of the course is to give students elementary information about the most often occurring psychical defects in juvenile and in adolescence. The lecturer effort is to overpass the standard lecture content and to guide the students to the practical orientation in psychopathology, e.g. analyses of concrete cases etc. In the course the main attention is paid to the topics according branch of study. The traditional conception of psychical defects is brought to the context with the meaning of the MKN 10.

* Course Content:

Normality, ethiology, pathogeneses of psychical defects, by the meaning of MKN 10

Mental retardation

Children neuroses

Specific evolutionary defects

Disharmonic development of personality, personality defects

Behaviour defects

Emotional defects

Child in ill

Psychoses in juvenile and adolescence


The lecture are ti inform about the origin and dynamics of mental disorders, their characteristic features and manifestations and affinity to various etiological agents.