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Drama Education

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-        the principle of dramatic education, its foundation in the world as well as in the Czechia

-        methods, organisation system of  dramatic education

-        self-discovering - discovering your individuality

-        another person discovering  - meeting, ability to co-operate

-        seeking your own place in a group

-        interplay in a pair and in a group - confidence, creativity

-        dealing with information - transmission, reception

-        getting and keeping a learner’s attention

-        dealing with words - intonation, voice tone, speed&rhythm, stress, pauses

-        given model dramazitation

-        the possibilities of using drama in teaching


Dramatic education is aimed for personality-social and artistic development of individual through drama art. The essential part of this subject terminology is the word "dramatic". It originates from the Greek word "drán" which is translated as "act, deal/realised/perform. Dramatic education is education realised by acting towards acting.

The university student is taught the basics of inter-personal behaviour group and problem-oriented teaching, model dramatization work as well as the class arrangement or dealing with trouble-maker students through practice with a reasonable degree of theoretical background.