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Social Communication

Class at Faculty of Education |


-         the essential social-communicative terminology

-         social perception

-         nonverbal communication in teacher’s practice

-         the basics of rhetoric for teachers, dialogue, the ways of dialogue

-         rhetoric - individual rhetoric utterance

-         the techniques/methods of acting  


The subject of social communication contributes by practical way of teaching with a reasonable degree of theoretical background to the idea of the methods and techniques using above all in pedagogical communication. The student himself experiences the mistakes arising when a learner being percepted by the teacher; he tries the way to control his own nonverbal behaviour, the way to recognize nonverbal behaviour from their reactions, the way to use his voice when teaching, the way to make a speech on various topics, the way to organise and participate in various kinds of dialogue as well as how to motivate a learner through conscious/intentional usingsocial-communicative techniques, keep his attention and focus him in the effective way of studying.