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Innovative Conception of Teacher Training

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The seminar is designed for students interested in new methods and teaching techniques. These methods and techniques focus on developing the ability of the learners to cooperate, share ideas, learn from one another and to restrain the individual needs in order for the team to work.

The seminar is divided into the theoretical and practical part. In the theoretical part of the seminar the students will not only acquire specific information about the innovative trends of the educational process but also get an insight into programs such as Začít spolu (Step by Step), Zdravá škola (Healthy School), Přátelé angažovaného učení (etc. Friends of Committed

Learning) etc. The students will also attend a discussion with the head of the Czech School Inspection.

The practical part of the seminar will take place in a school engaged in the above mentioned programs and trends. The final outcome of the seminar is a students´ project, in which they design a proposal of a cooperative learning project within their major.

Another goal of the seminar is to develop the understanding of the advantages and limits of implementing the above mentioned innovative forms of student instruction into the educational process.