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Multicultural Education

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- multicultural education as a cross-sectional topic in Framework Education Programme (RVP) and School Education Programme (ŠVP); - the definition of basic terms (integration, assimilation, inclusion, stereotypes, xenophobia, rasism, gender issues); - culture traditions of different nations and ethnic groups - different symbols in communication, communication barriers, etiquette; - topical issues of teaching multicultural education; - sources of information for teaching multicultural education; - specific methods of teaching multicultural education with examples.


The course focuses on the development of education in Czech multicultural society. It helps students understand and accept diversity as a positive phenomenon and consider differences between people from different cultural backgrounds as highly contributive.

Students learn how to communicate and cooperate with members of different sociocultural groups using their own means of expression. Critical analysis and understanding of differences should shape motivation to intercultural exchange, support the feeling of solidarity and the ability to reflect social and economic inequality.

Intercultural education allows adapting education and educational programmes to conditions and needs of a specific region or local community.