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Experiential Education

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Contents of the Course:

Concept of the term "experience pedagogy"

Aims of "experience pedagogy" as education based on experience; didactic targets

Need of active means of education - learning, global education, holistic principle

Process of learning, Kolb's cycle of learning, methodology of experience pedagogy (motivation, event, feedback), game - "life as", rules, reflexes personal development, comfort zone, types of intelligence group, cooperation, leadership, role determination of correct choice of means (for whom, for what aim, circumstances, dramaturgy, personality of a tutor, teacher, trainer; burn-out syndrome

Sources: education in the country (by adventure, challenge, projects, Outward Bound, etc.)

Drama, drama therapy

Aesthetic experience

Art therapy


Aim of the Course:

To classify the system of the experience pedagogy , including aesthetic experience and drama, in connection with art therapy and drama therapy as a source.

To draw theoretical knowledge from practical - i.e. experience programs with the students and simultaneously to create a methodological basis for future practice of the students.

An additional aim of this form of courses is the creation of well working team (to establish confidence and principles of cooperation, etc. by knowing myself and others) and simultaneously personality development of students.