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Violence and Bullying in Schools

Class at Faculty of Education |


1. Introduction. Basic terminology, study literature and further sources of information.

2. Violence and bullying in children's collective - situation in Czech Republic.

3. Causes of delinquent behavior among youth.

4. Legislative and methodical measures for prevention and resolution of school bullying

5. Typical situations of school bulling, case studies.

6. Psychology of bully and victim.

7. Specific and non-specific prevention of violence and bulling

8. Detection and diagnosis of violence and bullying

9. Means of intervention when bullying is detected

10. Professional team cooperation in preventing and solving school bullying.

11. Examples of good practice, significance of professional supervision.


The subject comes out of present-day reality of our schools and school institutions and emphasizes the procedures that teacher can use in his everyday work experience. Attention is given to substantial theoretical questions of violence and bullying with accent to its cause in children's collective.

Specific methods of preventing and solving school bullying are studied to great detail as well as causes for failure of such preventive and repressive methods. Part of the course is also familiarization with institutional forms of assistance.