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Materials and Technology

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- properties of non-metallic and metallic materials

- macroscopic and microscopic structure of wood

- best way of working with different types of wood

- working with plastics

- metallic and non-metallic metals, it's usage

- influence on properties of metallic material


The aim of subject Materials and technologies is explaining the most important and most interesting pieces of knowledge in metallic and non-metallic materials, which could be found in nature and manufactured by human. To give information about the property of material, it's manufacturing, technological progress from the point of view of using information and pieces of knowledge in school practice.

The goal of this study subject Materials and technologies is to learn knowledge about non-metallic and metallic materials, possibilities of it's technological process and progress which influences it's usable properties. The process of learning about material's properties by form of experiments from point of view in school's practice.