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* theory of basic electrical circuit, linear and non-linear characteristics

* Division of methods solving electrical circuits, topological methods

* Design of examples for teacher's use

* Connection between variables, influence on variables and laws in electrical, magnetically and electrostatic field

* Circuits of alternating current, electrical machines

* Production, distribution and usage of electrical energy

* Practical realization of electro-installing circuits

* Computing in circuits of electric, magnetic and electrostatic field



The mission of subject Electrotechnics is to reach continuity on the past studies of physics to teach electro technical subject matter in the subject. Practical skills on the elementary schools and non-profiled electro technically focused subjects on vocation schools. The goal of this subject is to teach problematics of basic electrical circuit including theory and introducing students to methods of solving electrical circuits with it's selection. The main focus is given to manufacturing, distributing and using electrical energy. The aim of this subject is also introduce students with chosen questions of electro technical didactics.