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- semiconductor diodes and it's characteristic, usage of semiconductor diodes

- transistors, basic connection of transistors, electrical, power amplifier, statical and dynamical characteristics

- Integrated circuits

- Direct current amplifiers and amplifiers for elementary school

- Logical circuits with transistors and integrated circuits, rectifier, filters

- Electromagnetic waves propagation, transmitters, receivers

- Color TV

- Electrical diodes for leisure time and technical interest work

- Chosen capitols from electronics didactics


The aim of subject Electronics is to reach followness on past teaching of physics and electrotechnics. It has to expand competences of students for teaching electronics in the framework of electrotechnics in the subject Practical work in elementary school and non profile subjects focused on basics of electronics and electronic devices on high schools.

The goal of this subject is to reach expert level on problematic of semiconductor diodes, transistor and integrated circuit including basic applications in circuits of entertainment electronics. Student's introduction to characteristics of transistors, theory of amplifier and activity of transmitters and receivers.