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Introduction to ICT

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- PC environment, hardware, software

- File system, file management, using file managers

- Antivirus, compress

- Operating System ? OS Windows

- Local Area Network ? Novell

- Internet ? basic functions and using Internet services including information search

- Electronically mail, electronically news

- Word processing ? MS Word

- Basic of computer typography

- Presentation ? MS PowerPoint

- Spreadsheet ? MS Excel

- HTML Basics

- Converting data


The goal of subject Introduction to informational technology is to prepare students for next studies in particular expert subjects, map and bring together different knowledge and skills of student in the are of ICT got on the high school and reach comparable level of input competences for each student for work with computing technique and information resources. The goal of this mostly propedeutical subject is to bring systematization of needed user's skills and adapt skills by standard controlling the environment of personal computer and chosen application programs, communication and work with information in the environment of computer networking.