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Education Technology

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Main concepts and constructions of pedagogy, psychology and control theory, systemic view on the process of education

The issue of internal and external conditions of learning, taxonomy teaching objectives, operational definition of objectives, applications on structuring of curriculum design and teaching programs

The main contemporary paradigms and main contemporary directions of education, related to technical means and psycho/didactical systems and their linkages to innovative approaches to education

Basic characteristics of current behavioral psychology, behavioral and neobehavioral learning theory, behavioral strategies of management, programmed learning, history and transfer to the present of the system of managed learning

Basic characteristics of current cognitive psychology, the constructivist theory of learning, instructive and constructive in pedagogy, project approach to educate, problem approach, constructive and collaborative approach

The concept of information society, economic and social consequences of building the information society in terms of basic conceptual and program documents

The issue of key competencies, information literacy, ICT literacy and Information Literacy

Main benefits of ICT for education

Ways for application of technology in education, areas and types of applications, dimensions of ICT use in schools

Changes in the educational environment, based on ICT, in processual, curricular and systemic level, within transformations of the educational environment, the paradigm of education and organization of education


The mission of the Educational technology is to revitalize and systematize the knowledge of students about psycho-didac bases, development and the concept of roles and functions of technology, respectively. technical means for inducing and promoting innovative approaches in education and changes elements of educational reality. The objective of this mainly theoretical course is to develop with students ability to genetic and systemic insight, respectively, view of educational technology, and thus create conditions for further development towards the use of technology in education and modern information education in school practice.

The subject aims at a broader awareness of developmental and systemic context of the theories and concepts, at the breadth of the educational potential of technical means and validity assumption that changes in the educational reality of induced of the technological development, affecting all dimensions of education.