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Architecture of Computer Systems

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- technical and programming equipment of personal computers ? overview, development and history

- architecture and construction computers PC ? basic terms

- microprocessors and it's specification

- motherboard ? chipset, bus, system resources, block schema

- inner and outer memory

- graphical adapters and displays

- input / output devices


The aim of subject K31 Architecture of computer systems is to give student's basic pieces of knowledge from branch of personal computer's technical equipment and to follow past knowledge develop competence for studying expert computer literature, leading expert communication and next development in this branch and successful studies of following subjects. The goal of subject K31 Architecture of computer systems is to adopt according knowledge and competences in the branch of technical equipment of computers, understanding this architecture and construction personal computers.

Also, it's target is to understand principles of working individual parts and it's specific and functional possibilities, studying different ways of getting and using actual technical information and data in this branch.