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Methodology for Teaching of Information Education

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- Introduction into the didactics of information education, a concept "information education"

- A role of information education in education at Elementary, Primary and Secondary schools in the Czech Republic

- Some teaching methods and principles to achieve educational goals of information education

- Methodology how to solve some problems of information education

- Analyses of text-books and of teaching and study resourses for information education needs

- Teaching methodology of programming in Imagine

- Researches focused on educational impact of information education in the Czech Republic and in other countries.


The subject Methogology for Teaching of Information Education is dedicated to offer to student-teachers a theoretical base important and needed for solving methodological questions how to integrate computer technologies into teaching process at primary and secondary school education. A main focus is concentrated on didactical and methodological approaches for teaching to contribute to develop ICT skills and knowledge for life and learning in information society and to support creative activities of children and to deeper understanding the principle and using of computer technology for solving problem and for digital learning. A big attention is given also to analyses of text-books and to methodology of computing and programming at Primary and Secondary School Education, first of all in Imagine.

The subject follows a serie of subjects K81, K83, K85 and K95.