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Didactics of Technology Education and Information Education

Class at Faculty of Education |


* analysis of educational programs, studying plans and curriculum

* connection between science, technics and teached subject

* preparing of teacher for teaching, material preparing

* technical teaching devices

* didactical approach to creating information and network literacy of pupil

* didactical approach for working with texts and programs


Subject Didactics of technical and informational education II follows Didactics of technical and informational education I. It explores and applies problematic of educational and teaching process for specifically needs of technical and informational subject, it connects general theoretical pedagogy-psychological basics with pedagogical real life, it explains conditions, which are best to reach educational targets.

The goal of subject Didactics of technical and informational education II is to introduce to students basic pedagogical documents, problematic of technical education with following on general education, explaining relationships to other subjects, prepare teacher for teaching and enhancing informational potential of pupils.