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Technology Principles and Systems

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o principles of measurement basic mechanical units (technical devices for measuring length, weight and time) o technical application of movement laws o strength act for solid, calculating resultant on different power into solid, fragmentation of different power acting at solid, power twin and moment of system with point of view from the point, equation of power on console, roller and slip plane o decision point and getting it's locality in solids o equilibrium of solid and solid stability o passive opposition, opposition in rolling, conditions of self locking of worm and boson o basic mechanisms and basic machines, it's technical application o basic terms and units from the theory of elasticity and strength, technical using of Hook's law o basic types of solid strain, measurement of strain in forward thrust, compression, infexion, measurement of rigour of solid


This subject follows knowledge from physics and it has to introduce students into basic of technical mechanics with application of physical law of basic machines, mechanisms and technical devices.

It has to offer to student basic knowledge from theory of elasticity and strength, it's application for technical practice