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Technical Equipment of PC

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- dismantling and mantling PC, editing inside cables, PC motherboard configuration

- basic setup PC, optimal BISO setup, OS installation

- Installation and diagnostic of hard disc, more than one OS installation, RAID, SCSI

- Hardware for LAN, connecting PCs into LAN, modems, LAN diagnostics

- CD-R and CD-RW, drive installation, SW for creating records

- Graphical adapters 3d, installation, setup, testing

- Sound adapters, electroacustics basic, speakers, microphones, installation

- Prophylaxes PC, PC cleaning, OS backup, data backup, prophylactic diagnosis of PC

- PC upgrade, modernization, tuning, cooling


The aim of subject K45 Hardware PC is to expand the knowledge and get the competences more in deep at the area of technical equipment of computer PC and following previous subjects, especially study subject K31 Architecture of computing systems, to expand in student given competence for doing profylax and maintaining of personal computers.